Pro speed Oakland Auto Paint is an environmental friendly body shop. We use envirobase high paintperformance PPG paint to ensure the best quality result for your car.

  • Machine and hand sanding for adhesion. As with any type of paint job, the surface preparation is key to giving you the best and most durable job.
  • Pre-detailing to eliminate oil and grease from your surface panels. Pre-detailing also helps keep dust to a minimum.
  • Expert masking to reduce over spray and to keep your costs down. We use a special chemically treated paper to eliminate lint and low tack masking tape to protect your car from excessive over spray and to protect the moldings.
  • Free coat of bond seal primer for extra adhesion and to provide you with a uniform finish.
  • Painting in our temperature controlled paint booth to give you a consistent paint job no matter what the weather’s like outdoors.

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