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The Pro Speed Auto Body was an amazing place to have work done on my car. Kathy and Steve are SO nice, so professional and really do go out of their way to help and make you comfortable. They also do VERY good, professional work.They had a car ready there for me to use as a rental while my car was being fixed and arranged it for me and everything. When I was done all I had to do was drop it off there. They also did an amazing job with my car, it looks probably better than before being damaged in the first place… then they also fixed up some scrapes on the bumpers for me.
As another reiver said, I think this place is the rare auto shop with honest service. They are extremely sweet and accomodating and cool people who do great work.
Highly reccomended.

Chelsey F.
Emeryville, CA

A tree fell on my beloved Miata and my insurance company referred me here being as close to my house as they are. Let me tell you, “PRO SPEED AUTO BODY IS THE BEST!” I have never had such a wonderful and trouble free experience form a car related server ever. I highly recommend them and will always use them from now on. Steve returned my car to new again and Kathy went above and beyond getting good quality replacement parts. They are honest and hard working people and deserve your business.

Aaron N.
Oakland, CA

Thank you Steve and Kathy. The service there was awsome. You did a great job repairing my PT Cruiser. It actually looks better then before. I definitely will refer people to you. Thanks again, Ralph Ritchie

Ralph R.
Tracy, CA

Five stars because they WERE a fine place. My wife just drove by there Feb. 6, 2012, and they appear to be closed for good. And the phone is out of service, too, though their website is still up. They were a good shop…..

Jo-Ann D.
San Francisco, CA

I took my car into Pro Speed Auto Body as they were the shop that AAA recommended that I use after sustaining some body damage in a parking lot collision. I would absolutely use this shop again and I recommend it to others. Everyone there was super nice, Kathy offered me coffee; when I said I was a tea drinker, she immediately produced tea bags. I was told to expect a half hour wait while my car was assessed. I expected to be bored and brought a book….didn’t need it as I spent the waiting time cracking up with Kathy in the office.

I also decided to have my cracked windshield repaired. Kathy called AAA for me, which was awesome. Mostly the reason that I had been driving around with a cracked windshield for 12 months is that I couldn’t be bothered to call AAA myself. The shop is very clean, they kept me updated by e-mail on the status of the repair and even touched up an unrelated scrape on my rear bumper. As I was a AAA customer, AAA arranged with Hertz to both bring me a rental car and pick it up at Pro speed, saving me some time and hassle. Kathy said usually a customer has to pick up their own car, but certainly they could try to work out a pick up/drop off with AAA. I’d never had to go to a body shop before, and while I hope to remain collision free, it’s nice to know a good body shop.

Kate M.
Oakland, CA

I had my 2007 Toyota Camry rear door replaced here and they did an awesome job. The car looks much better now then it did before I had the damage done to the door. They matched the color perfect. Went the extra mile and removed some additional dents on the drivers door before painting it to match the new rear door. They even washed it for me.. My poor car had not been washed since the decal was stolen about 3-4 (if not more) mths ago. Suprised they could even get all the dirt off so well. The office manager Kathy even found the Tuscany Collection decal that was stolen off my car door so that both front door decals match…. I would have Never expected that. I am so happy to have my car looking soooooo nice. I would definately refer them to any of my friends. It is said that everything happens for a reason & now i believe the damage to the door was actually a blessing. Nice to have my car looking so pretty again.

Thanks Pro Speed Auto Body!!!!

Brandy D.
Hayward, CA

I am probably doing a disservice to myself by writing this review, as it may lead to more patrons at this body shop. Why am I still writing this? They definitely deserve a positive review and a maximum rating. Kathy and Steve are both professional and friendly. I have been to a couple other body shops in the east bay and had no idea that an honest body shop that does great work still exists! Kathy kept me up to date on the repairs and the schedule. She was a pleasure to work with and just an all around nice person. Steve noticed some damages on my car after I dropped it off and even ordered the parts to get it taken care of before I went to pick up my car. When i went to pick up my car, I found that they had done exceptional work. At the previous body shops that I went to, I got sub-par work and horrible customer service. I would definitely recommend this shop to all my friends and family.

Nelson c.
Oakland, CA

Great People. Great Service. Great Work. My car was keyed and they did a great job and EVERY ONE was really nice on top of it

C D.
Oakland, CA